Wonders of Taranaki


T O U R   H I G H L I G H T S


Scenic Flight over Mount Taranaki

Sunset Wildlife Cruise to the Sugar Loaf Islands

On Location Photography Instruction in Taranaki's most iconic locations

T O U R   I N F O

5 Days & 4 Nights of Adventure & Photography

Luxury Hotel Accommodation & Transportation Included

Photography Master Classes Included in a Comfortable Conference Room

Maximum group of Five Participants


DAY 1 - SEPT 3

We will meet at noon in the lovely town of New Plymouth to check into our hotel accommodation and kick off our Wonders of Taranaki Photography Workshop.

The town of New Plymouth features many beautiful parks and gardens with wild and rugged black sand beaches that stretch along the idyllic coastline.

After lunch and getting to know our group, we will meet in one of the comfortable conference rooms within our hotel for our very first photography master class, where I will talk about the photography gear I use, the basic functions of a DSLR, foundations of shooting manual and an overview of Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop.

We will head out in the evening to witness sunset along the spectacular Back beach. Overlooking Sugar Loaf Marine Park and Paritutu, Back Beach is a surfer's paradise and an excellent place to watch the sun go down and mark the end of our first day here in Taranaki.

DAY 2 - SEPT 4

Before dawn breaks, we will arrive at a peaceful and calm Lake Mangamahoe, to watch the predawn colours paint the skies as the first rays of sun illuminate the lush forest surrounding the scenic lake.

Home to an amazing variety of birdlife, lush lakeside vegetation and regenerating pockets of native bush, Lake Mangamahoe has always resembled a place in paradise with Mount Taranaki framed perfectly in the background.

After this morning's sunrise, we will head off for breakfast and gather our supplies for our hike and overnight stay up at the Pouakai Hut in Egmont National Park. A mid level of fitness is required for this and participants who wish to skip this hike can enjoy experiencing the lovely town of New Plymouth for the night.

At a steady pace, we will arrive at the Pouakai hut. Our accommodation for tonight will be a DOC serviced hut. The hut passes will be provided, and these huts are equipped with heating, mattresses, and non-flush toilets for your use. We will arrive at our hut with plenty of time to spare before sunset along Mount Taranaki.


If the weather allows, we will have an abundance of Astro photography opportunities here after dark. 

DAY 3 - SEPT 5

After witnessing the first light of day bring life to the mountains, we will have a quick snack and be on our descent to head back to our hotel.

Our second photography masterclass will soon follow as I recap on our previous lesson and discuss compositions, the how's and the why's and I dive a little bit deeper into my post processing workflow with Lightroom and Photoshop.

Following our masterclass, we will head for a short walk along Pukekura Park and photograph poet's bridge and a gorgeous man-made waterfall. 


Pukekura Park is New Plymouth's pride and joy - a huge area of gardens, water features, display houses and entertainment facilities for all to enjoy.

For sunset, we will hop on a wildlife boat tour which will take us out of the Port of Taranaki and towards the Sugar Loaf islands to look at the wildlife and seal colony. This will certainly be an experience to remember and will grant us a unique perspective of New Plymouth as seen from the sea.

DAY 4 - SEPT 6

Bright and early, we will experience sunrise along the Te Rewa Rewa bridge in New Plymouth, one of my favorite places here in this beautiful town. This is truly where architecture and nature meets in the most incredible way.


The 83m long Te Rewa Rewa Bridge is reminiscent of a breaking wave or a whale skeleton and is located on the award winning Coastal Walkway, which is an expansive sea-edge promenade stretching almost the entire length of New Plymouth.

Following sunrise and taking all that we've learnt from the workshop, we will head off on an amazing scenic flight above New Plymouth and Mount Taranaki. We will see valleys, bush topped ridges, waterfalls and lakes as we ascend towards the volcano summit. From there, we swoop down to Ahukawakawa swamp and the Pouakai and Kaitake Ranges.

After our exciting scenic flight, we head on to the magnificent Dawson falls, an 18m high waterfall surrounded by stunning mountain canopies. Primarily Tōtara and Kamahi trees, the forest around this part of Mount Taranaki sparks the imagination of a Goblin Forest. Dripping with moss and lichens, the tree trunks and branches have grown through and around existing trees to create a distinctive twisted forest.

Next, we will continue our drive on towards Cape Egmont lighthouse, located on the southern Taranaki coast. By day, the Cape Egmont Lighthouse visibly marks the western-most point of the Taranaki coast. By night, it flashes white light once every eight seconds, telling ships up to 22 nautical miles away exactly where they are. We will photograph sunset here and dive into astrophotography as the beautiful stars illuminate the dark night skies above the lighthouse.

DAY 5 - SEPT 7

We will rest in for our final morning of our Taranaki Wonders Photography Workshop and have our bags packed and ready for checking out of our hotel after breakfast.


After we have checked out as a group, we will head back into our conference room for our last photography master class and a get together. We will talk about familiarizing with our own workflows, finding your unique touch along with individual feedback sessions with everyone in the group.


Finally, we look back on our favourite images and memories from the workshop and I will answer any final questions we have.


With our memory cards full of beautiful images and our hearts with content, we will not say goodbye but instead "see you again", as we mark an end to an amazing workshop and time together here in beautiful Taranaki.

P R I C E: $5200 NZD

DEPOSIT: $500 NZD To Secure Booking.

Balance must be accounted for at least 4 weeks before the workshop commences.

(Please note that the itinerary may be subject to change throughout the workshop to suit current weather conditions.) 



  • Scenic Flight (A full refund of $30NZD for the scenic flight will be provided in the case where weather does not permit)

  • Sunset Wildlife Cruise

  • Transportation

  • Fuel and Toll Fees

  • Hotel Accommodation

N O T   I N C L U D E D


  • Flight Tickets

  • Visas (if applicable)

  • Medical and Travel Insurance

  • Food and Beverages

  T O P I C S    C O V E R E D

  • Photography Gear

  • Basic Camera Functions

  • Reading Your Histogram

  • Metering

  • Shooting Manual

  • Composition 

  • Night Photography 

  • Raw Image Processing

  • Enhancing Light

  • Dodging and Burning

  • Curves and Levels

  • Sharpening

  • Exporting Images for Print

  W H A T  Y O U  W I L L  N E E D


  • A Camera 

  • A Tripod

  • Camera Bag with Waterproof or Water Resistant Cover

  • Clothing for cold temperature or wet weather.

  • Sturdy Footwear (Hiking Boots)

  • Torches/Head Torch for Night Photography

  • Camera Batteries & Charger

  • Laptop, Memory Cards, Phone Charger

  • Camera Lens Cleaner 

  • Software (Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop)

C A N C E L L A T I O N   P O L I C Y

You will be refunded according to the following:

Greater than 60 days from the start date of the Workshop: Full Refund minus a $300 service fee.
45 days: 75% refund
30 days: 50% refund

15 days: 25% refund
Less than 15 days: No Refund

Refunds will be paid by the same method that the original payment was made.
Refunds will be initiated within 48 hours of the time that the request is approved.